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Ten x Twist Stashed Yarn Edition

Ten x Twist Stashed Yarn Edition

Ten x Twist Stashed Yarn Edition is a collection of 10 different gauges and three different sizes in one instruction. Dive into your yarn stash and start knitting!


In this instruction used yarn: Arwetta by Filcolana (30 sts/10 cm), Alpakka Wool by Du Store Alpakka (28 sts/10 cm), Baby Merino and Kid Silk by Drops (26 sts/10 cm), Baby Ull and Kidsilk Erle by Dale (24 sts/10 cm), Puno Petit by Rauma (22 sts/10 cm), double thread Alpakka Wool by Du Store Alpakka (20 sts/10 cm), Bris by Viking Garn (18 sts/10 cm), Air by Drops (16 sts/10 cm), double thread Air by Drops (14 sts/10 cm) and Fat Faerytale and Big Sterk by Du Store Alpakka (12 sts/10 cm). 
Amount of yarn: Under 50 g for all versions (except the head bands worked with double thread). Note! This only applies to the yarn types used here. 
Recommended needles: A certain needle size is recommended for each gauge swatch, from 3-7 mm. This needle size is only a guide and depends entirely on your thread tension. Please knit a gauge swatch first! 
Gauge: From 30 sts in stockinette stitch/10 cm, to 12 sts in stockinette stitch/10 cm. 
Sizes: (52-54cm): Width approx. 9 cm. (54-56cm): Width approx. 10 cm. (56-59cm): Width approx. 11 cm.


Once you have paid for the pattern, you will receive a PDF-file to your e-mail. The link, placed in the mail is available for download for 30 days. Please make sure to save the pattern on your hard drive.


If you haven´t received the pattern after a short while, it may be in your junk mail or the transaction hasn´t been completed successfully. If that isn´t the case please contact me at

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